Illegal Aliens – How Can We Let Them Stay?

I ask the question, how can we, US citizens allow illegal aliens to come into this country mostly unopposed and allow them to remain in the United States when they show no respect or adherence to US laws by entering US territory illegally and then staying here again Illegally.
I am not singling out illegal aliens from the countries south of the United States borders, but I am addressing the influx of illegal aliens from all over the world regardless of country of origin. These illegals come to the United States, in most instances, unable to speak English, having no pertinent job skills or job, little to no education, the belief that the United States government will support them and with no respect for United States customs, traditions and laws.
When these illegal aliens sneak into the United States and find that they do not have the skills to obtain meaningful employment, they often turn to crime to gain money or they find a gullible US citizen or citizens to support them. Samples of this behavior include the Chinese tongs in major cities Chinatowns, the Russian Mafia in the Northeast, the Latin gangs such as MS13, Mi Familia, Mexican Mafia through out the US, the Haitian gangs in Florida and on and on.
Not to leave the impression that all other US citizens of other backgrounds are associated with criminal gangs or behavior because that is simply not true. However the illegal aliens are more likely to engage in criminal behavior or enterprises because they do not have the skills, abilities or desire to become productive citizens of the United States.
The sad part of this illegal alien issue is that the US could take care of the majority of the issues by sending those illegals caught sneaking into the US or living in the US back to their country of origin instead of letting them stay in the US until the courts make a decision about the illegals’ request to stay in the US. It has been shown in multiple studies and surveys that the majority of illegals do not appear for their court date and have disappeared into the illegal communities in the United States.
In my opinion, as soon as an illegal alien is apprehended in the United States, they should be held in a restricted area and be sent back to the country they came from with no exceptions. Let those countries have the financial and social burdens of their citizens instead of putting the burden and debt on to United States citizens.


Unemployment Extensions – Good or Bad

There was an article on the Huffington Post site on 12/3/2013 concerning a statement by the Congressional Budget Office in which the CBO stated that by extending unemployment benefits there would be a boost to the economy of 200,000 jobs. The CBO stated “Recipients of the additional benefits would increase their spending on consumer goods and services,” the CBO said. “That increase in aggregate demand would encourage businesses to boost production and hire more workers than they otherwise would, particularlygiven the expected slack in the capital and labor markets.” Later in the article it states “The CBO says that despite the short-term boost to the economy, the cost of the benefits would add to the federal debt and eventually
reduce economic growth. The budget office also expects that the extended duration of benefits would reduce the intensity of someworkers’ job searches, although some recent research has suggested extended compensation doesn’t turn the jobless into slackers.”

I for one do not understand the CBOs thought process. When I was laid off and taking unemployment for the first time, I did not have the money to spend on consumer goods and services. I was more focused on budgeting my unemployment checks to pay for food, housing, utilities, necessities not consumer goods and services. If unemployed people actually need the unemployment benefits extended, then I do not understand how more jobs are going to saved or created when people are receiving unemployment checks that are usually a quarter of the compensation they had earned while employed. Those unemployed will not have the excess income to spend on consumer goods and services.

Now today there is an article from ABC News

I understand that there is still a large number of unemployed in this country and we as Americans can not just cut them off without support, however, how are the Democrats planning to fund the additional expense? My fear is that the Government is going to borrow more money to support the extension and now we are further in debt with no budget deal on the horizon and there is still the situation with the “Un”Affordable Health Care Act as to how the insurance subsidies will be paid for. There will probably be more taxes levied on the working American citizen by the government to try and cover these added expenses, when what is needed is for internal job growth in America

Illegal Immigration And Obama’s Disregard for Law – Death of the American State

I was pondering a title for this article and at first I was considering using “Death of the American Dream” but I don’t believe that dreams really die where a state can be sundered by all sorts of attacks and insidious politics that undermine the state’s viability and survival as a complete entity.

After all of the uproar over the last few years about illegal immigration, a large percentage of Americans were shocked when on June 15, 2012, President Obama announced the following:

Under the administration plan, undocumented immigrants will be immune from deportation if they were brought to the United States before they turned 16 and are younger than 30, have been in the country for at least five continuous years, have no criminal history, graduated from a U.S. high school or earned a GED, or served in the military. They also can apply for a work permit that will be good for two years with no limits on how many times it can be renewed. The officials who described the plan spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss it in advance of the official announcement.” (Associated Press)

Now to me there are quite a few problems with this “plan” and I’ve listed them below:

  • This is against federal law and was not approved by the legislative branch or the judicial  branch.
  • There would be no documented proof that the illegals were brought to the US before they were 16.  There are plenty of documented examples where illegal immigrants younger than 16 are crossing into the US illegally.
  • No criminal history will be difficult to prove, especially when charges have been dropped or juvinile records are sealed.  (Look at the various organized crime gangs:  Hispanic, Asian, Russian, Jamacian, Hatian) that exist in the US.
  • The illegals can have up to three misdemeanors and still be able to apply.  How many of those misdemeanors were pleaded down from felonies?
  • Now for every one of the illegals applying, you have one to two parents that are not.  Example:  The Chicago Times stated on the first day that there were 11,ooo applicants in line so that means there could have been another 11,000 to 22, 000  illegal parents.

As far as I am concerned, we have reached a nexus in the illegal immigration issue and the Democrats and Liberals are pushing the US over the edge.  Read the history of the Roman Empire and see what happened when immigrants and foreigners were allowed into the Empire and the politicians depended on people on the dole and the foreigners for votes to keep them in office (bread and circuses for entertainment).  History does repeat itself and the US is going the way of the Roman Empire.

Harry Reid – Jealous or Seeking Attention

Harry Reid has stirred up quite a controversy with his claim (from a creditable but unnamed source) that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for 10 years.  He has stated this claim on the Senate floor not once but twice and keeps pushing for Romney to disclose more years of tax returns even though Mitt Romney has disclosed the tax years that are applicable for his campaign.  I makes you wonder why Harry Reid is making these unsubstantiated statements.  Is it because he is:

Jealous – Harry Reid’s worth has been estimated to be between $2 million to $6 million dollars, although there has been some reports of his net worth shrinking by $2 million dollars due to the economy and his large investments in property in Nevada.  Now you have a Republican, Mitt Romney, who is also a Mormon and is worth upwards of #250 million and is known as a successful businessman and a politician and that is grating on Harry Reid, especially when Harry Reid converted to the Mormon faith.

In thinking about Harry Reid’s wealth, how did a politician accumulate so much money?  When asked that question, Reid answered that it was from good investments, but where did the money come to make the investment?  The only real job outside of politician that Harry Reid has held was when he was on the Nevada Gaming Commission which was a political appointed post.  So how did Harry Reid acquire his millions?  He definitely did not work for it but has seemed to acquire a lot of it.  Also, Harry Reid has refused numerous times to make his tax information public.  He probably does not want the public to know how he acquired his millions.

Seeking Attention – As the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid currently wields a lot of power and if the Republicans can win in November it could mark the end of his position and power or at least put a dent in it.  Being that Harry Reid is a politician in the literal sense of the word and loves power, he does not want to lose any of it.  So, if he can throw out a comment or two that generates a lot of furor and counter claims, Harry Reid is showing his power and getting his name out in the publics eye.   The sad part of this is that power and politics is all Harry Reid knows and if he loses those he has nothing.

Interesting that Harry Reid can spout comments about Mitt Romney without creditable evidence where anyone in the public life would be liable for a slander suit.  Hopefully that will happen if there is no evidence of wrong doing on Mitt Romney’s part.

I found this article at Hot Air about some of Harry Reid’s financial dealings that were questioned but never answered by Reid or his people.


Class Action Lawsuits Legal Thievery

I just received the email below about a class action lawsuit that I knew nothing about and looking at the issue could care less.  It is interesting that the attorneys got $2.25 million, the six original plantiffs will split $30 thousand (by the way who all filed suits with in 30 days Feb 22, 2011 to Mar 22, 2011), and the remaining amount to go to some nebulous programs, institiutions and non-profits.  On top of that, the filling attoneys get to pick the administrator of the $6.75 million and the administrator gets paid out of that amount.

Pretty sweet deal for the litigating attorneys and the administrator, who ever that might be.  No wonder there are so many class action lawsuits clogging up the courts, costing everybody money and increasing the cost to the consumer.  You know that the defendents in these type of cases are going to take steps to recoup their loss.  Right or wrong, the consumer is still going to pay.

If You Are a Current or Former Netflix Subscriber A Class Action Settlement Could Affect You

Para una notificación en Español, llamar 1-866-898-5088 o visitar

Our records show that you were a current or former Netflix subscriber as of July 5, 2012. We are emailing to tell you about a Settlement that may affect your legal rights. Please read this email carefully. Go to for more information.

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit that claims Netflix unlawfully kept and disclosed information, including records on the movies and TV shows its customers viewed. Netflix denies that it has done anything wrong.

What does the Settlement provide?

Netflix has agreed to change its data retention practices so that it separates (known as “decoupling”) Entertainment Content Viewing History (that is, movies and TV shows that someone watched) from identification information for those subscribers who have not been a Netflix subscriber for at least 365 days, with some exceptions.

In addition, Netflix will pay $9 million into a Settlement Fund to: • Make donations to Court-approved not-for-profit organizations, institutions, or programs. • Pay notice and settlement administration expenses. • Pay attorneys’ fees of up to 25% or $2.25 million of the Settlement Fund, plus up to $25,000 in expenses. • Pay a total incentive award of $30,000 to the Named Plaintiffs.

Proposals from potential donation recipients will be sought, and, after consideration, recommendations will be made to the Court. A list of the proposed donation recipients will be  posted on the website.

The email went further to say that if you wanted to challenge the settlement, you can write the court, have papers served on the plantiff attorneys and attend the fairness hearing in California.  Sure, I’m going to spend money to do this.

It just irritates me to no end that there is so much of this type of litigation out in the courts and a lot of it is petty, but the attorneys handling the class action lawsuits are going to push like hell so they can make their millions, regardless of the impacts on others.

No wonder a lot of people have such a low opinion of the legal profession.




Negative Campaign Ads – Texas – Dewhurst vs Cruz

I was watching TV last night and a Dewhurst campaign ad came on with a lady talking about her son’s suicide after being released from a for profit juvenile prison and how Ted Cruz was trying to lowball the cash settlements to the juveniles affected.    This commercial was shown during every commercial break for the show I was watching and it got under my skin, so I decided to do some checking into the acqusation.

What I found was Ted Cruz had nothing to do with the criminal proceedings regarding the settlement to the juveniles.  He was hired by Robert Mericle, convicted of tax fraud,  to sue an insurace company to provide funds for the settlements the courts had awarded to the juveniles.  Evidently the insurance company was saying that it should not have to pay the settlements due to criminal acts by Robert Mericle and Mr. Mericle did not want the settlement funds coming out of his own pocket so the hired Ted Cruz’s firm to sue the insurance company.

Other than what I would consider bad judgement on the part of Ted Cruz and his law firm in representing Robert Mericle, I could see no links between Ted Cruz and what the Dewhurst commercial was presenting about his involvement with the for profit prison.  In fact Gov. Rick Perry was stating the same on his website at,/1702.

I think both Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst have and are running negative ads, but the above mentioned ad by Dewhurst is so negative and does not tell the truth about the matter that I have to give a thumbs down to Dewhurst and my vote to Ted Cruz.



Malware – A Bane To My Computers

Just got finished purging out Live Security Platinum on my laptop and what a pain that was.  It blew through McAfee Total Protection like it was not there and locked the laptop up tighter than a cork in a champagne bottle.  Thank goodness for Malwarebytes and their blog.  I found the instructions on how to remove Live Security that were easy to follow.  Everything just took time, especially the Malwarebytes scan.

The people that create and spread malware like this should be punished somehow.  It would be poetic justice if the public could find their servers and plug in viruses, trojans, malware on them every day and let those people go through the same frustration that the public experiences every time a new virus, trojan, or malware is found.

Enough said, now I need to get caught up on the news and see what there is out there to post about.



Welcome to Redhedviews


I would like to welcome anybody and everbody to Redhedviews.  This blog is probably not going to get a lot of activity if any, but it will help me personally in voicing my opinions and views on todays’ issues and news.

I will be learning about blogging as I go, so if you are reading this blog, please be patient and provide me with feedback and comments to improve my blog and writing.