Illegal Aliens – How Can We Let Them Stay?

I ask the question, how can we, US citizens allow illegal aliens to come into this country mostly unopposed and allow them to remain in the United States when they show no respect or adherence to US laws by entering US territory illegally and then staying here again Illegally.
I am not singling out illegal aliens from the countries south of the United States borders, but I am addressing the influx of illegal aliens from all over the world regardless of country of origin. These illegals come to the United States, in most instances, unable to speak English, having no pertinent job skills or job, little to no education, the belief that the United States government will support them and with no respect for United States customs, traditions and laws.
When these illegal aliens sneak into the United States and find that they do not have the skills to obtain meaningful employment, they often turn to crime to gain money or they find a gullible US citizen or citizens to support them. Samples of this behavior include the Chinese tongs in major cities Chinatowns, the Russian Mafia in the Northeast, the Latin gangs such as MS13, Mi Familia, Mexican Mafia through out the US, the Haitian gangs in Florida and on and on.
Not to leave the impression that all other US citizens of other backgrounds are associated with criminal gangs or behavior because that is simply not true. However the illegal aliens are more likely to engage in criminal behavior or enterprises because they do not have the skills, abilities or desire to become productive citizens of the United States.
The sad part of this illegal alien issue is that the US could take care of the majority of the issues by sending those illegals caught sneaking into the US or living in the US back to their country of origin instead of letting them stay in the US until the courts make a decision about the illegals’ request to stay in the US. It has been shown in multiple studies and surveys that the majority of illegals do not appear for their court date and have disappeared into the illegal communities in the United States.
In my opinion, as soon as an illegal alien is apprehended in the United States, they should be held in a restricted area and be sent back to the country they came from with no exceptions. Let those countries have the financial and social burdens of their citizens instead of putting the burden and debt on to United States citizens.