Harry Reid has stirred up quite a controversy with his claim (from a creditable but unnamed source) that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for 10 years.  He has stated this claim on the Senate floor not once but twice and keeps pushing for Romney to disclose more years of tax returns even though Mitt Romney has disclosed the tax years that are applicable for his campaign.  I makes you wonder why Harry Reid is making these unsubstantiated statements.  Is it because he is:

Jealous – Harry Reid’s worth has been estimated to be between $2 million to $6 million dollars, although there has been some reports of his net worth shrinking by $2 million dollars due to the economy and his large investments in property in Nevada.  Now you have a Republican, Mitt Romney, who is also a Mormon and is worth upwards of #250 million and is known as a successful businessman and a politician and that is grating on Harry Reid, especially when Harry Reid converted to the Mormon faith.

In thinking about Harry Reid’s wealth, how did a politician accumulate so much money?  When asked that question, Reid answered that it was from good investments, but where did the money come to make the investment?  The only real job outside of politician that Harry Reid has held was when he was on the Nevada Gaming Commission which was a political appointed post.  So how did Harry Reid acquire his millions?  He definitely did not work for it but has seemed to acquire a lot of it.  Also, Harry Reid has refused numerous times to make his tax information public.  He probably does not want the public to know how he acquired his millions.

Seeking Attention – As the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid currently wields a lot of power and if the Republicans can win in November it could mark the end of his position and power or at least put a dent in it.  Being that Harry Reid is a politician in the literal sense of the word and loves power, he does not want to lose any of it.  So, if he can throw out a comment or two that generates a lot of furor and counter claims, Harry Reid is showing his power and getting his name out in the publics eye.   The sad part of this is that power and politics is all Harry Reid knows and if he loses those he has nothing.

Interesting that Harry Reid can spout comments about Mitt Romney without creditable evidence where anyone in the public life would be liable for a slander suit.  Hopefully that will happen if there is no evidence of wrong doing on Mitt Romney’s part.

I found this article at Hot Air about some of Harry Reid’s financial dealings that were questioned but never answered by Reid or his people.  http://hotair.com/archives/2012/08/05/flashback-questions-harry-reid-wont-answer-part-i/



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