I was watching TV last night and a Dewhurst campaign ad came on with a lady talking about her son’s suicide after being released from a for profit juvenile prison and how Ted Cruz was trying to lowball the cash settlements to the juveniles affected.    This commercial was shown during every commercial break for the show I was watching and it got under my skin, so I decided to do some checking into the acqusation.

What I found was Ted Cruz had nothing to do with the criminal proceedings regarding the settlement to the juveniles.  He was hired by Robert Mericle, convicted of tax fraud,  to sue an insurace company to provide funds for the settlements the courts had awarded to the juveniles.  Evidently the insurance company was saying that it should not have to pay the settlements due to criminal acts by Robert Mericle and Mr. Mericle did not want the settlement funds coming out of his own pocket so the hired Ted Cruz’s firm to sue the insurance company.

Other than what I would consider bad judgement on the part of Ted Cruz and his law firm in representing Robert Mericle, I could see no links between Ted Cruz and what the Dewhurst commercial was presenting about his involvement with the for profit prison.  In fact Gov. Rick Perry was stating the same on his website at http://www.perryvsworld.com/ote,/1702.

I think both Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst have and are running negative ads, but the above mentioned ad by Dewhurst is so negative and does not tell the truth about the matter that I have to give a thumbs down to Dewhurst and my vote to Ted Cruz.




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