Just got finished purging out Live Security Platinum on my laptop and what a pain that was.  It blew through McAfee Total Protection like it was not there and locked the laptop up tighter than a cork in a champagne bottle.  Thank goodness for Malwarebytes and their blog.  I found the instructions on how to remove Live Security that were easy to follow.  Everything just took time, especially the Malwarebytes scan.

The people that create and spread malware like this should be punished somehow.  It would be poetic justice if the public could find their servers and plug in viruses, trojans, malware on them every day and let those people go through the same frustration that the public experiences every time a new virus, trojan, or malware is found.

Enough said, now I need to get caught up on the news and see what there is out there to post about.




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