Class Action Lawsuits Legal Thievery

I just received the email below about a class action lawsuit that I knew nothing about and looking at the issue could care less.  It is interesting that the attorneys got $2.25 million, the six original plantiffs will split $30 thousand (by the way who all filed suits with in 30 days Feb 22, 2011 to Mar 22, 2011), and the remaining amount to go to some nebulous programs, institiutions and non-profits.  On top of that, the filling attoneys get to pick the administrator of the $6.75 million and the administrator gets paid out of that amount.

Pretty sweet deal for the litigating attorneys and the administrator, who ever that might be.  No wonder there are so many class action lawsuits clogging up the courts, costing everybody money and increasing the cost to the consumer.  You know that the defendents in these type of cases are going to take steps to recoup their loss.  Right or wrong, the consumer is still going to pay.

If You Are a Current or Former Netflix Subscriber A Class Action Settlement Could Affect You

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Our records show that you were a current or former Netflix subscriber as of July 5, 2012. We are emailing to tell you about a Settlement that may affect your legal rights. Please read this email carefully. Go to for more information.

A Settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit that claims Netflix unlawfully kept and disclosed information, including records on the movies and TV shows its customers viewed. Netflix denies that it has done anything wrong.

What does the Settlement provide?

Netflix has agreed to change its data retention practices so that it separates (known as “decoupling”) Entertainment Content Viewing History (that is, movies and TV shows that someone watched) from identification information for those subscribers who have not been a Netflix subscriber for at least 365 days, with some exceptions.

In addition, Netflix will pay $9 million into a Settlement Fund to: • Make donations to Court-approved not-for-profit organizations, institutions, or programs. • Pay notice and settlement administration expenses. • Pay attorneys’ fees of up to 25% or $2.25 million of the Settlement Fund, plus up to $25,000 in expenses. • Pay a total incentive award of $30,000 to the Named Plaintiffs.

Proposals from potential donation recipients will be sought, and, after consideration, recommendations will be made to the Court. A list of the proposed donation recipients will be  posted on the website.

The email went further to say that if you wanted to challenge the settlement, you can write the court, have papers served on the plantiff attorneys and attend the fairness hearing in California.  Sure, I’m going to spend money to do this.

It just irritates me to no end that there is so much of this type of litigation out in the courts and a lot of it is petty, but the attorneys handling the class action lawsuits are going to push like hell so they can make their millions, regardless of the impacts on others.

No wonder a lot of people have such a low opinion of the legal profession.





Negative Campaign Ads – Texas – Dewhurst vs Cruz

I was watching TV last night and a Dewhurst campaign ad came on with a lady talking about her son’s suicide after being released from a for profit juvenile prison and how Ted Cruz was trying to lowball the cash settlements to the juveniles affected.    This commercial was shown during every commercial break for the show I was watching and it got under my skin, so I decided to do some checking into the acqusation.

What I found was Ted Cruz had nothing to do with the criminal proceedings regarding the settlement to the juveniles.  He was hired by Robert Mericle, convicted of tax fraud,  to sue an insurace company to provide funds for the settlements the courts had awarded to the juveniles.  Evidently the insurance company was saying that it should not have to pay the settlements due to criminal acts by Robert Mericle and Mr. Mericle did not want the settlement funds coming out of his own pocket so the hired Ted Cruz’s firm to sue the insurance company.

Other than what I would consider bad judgement on the part of Ted Cruz and his law firm in representing Robert Mericle, I could see no links between Ted Cruz and what the Dewhurst commercial was presenting about his involvement with the for profit prison.  In fact Gov. Rick Perry was stating the same on his website at,/1702.

I think both Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst have and are running negative ads, but the above mentioned ad by Dewhurst is so negative and does not tell the truth about the matter that I have to give a thumbs down to Dewhurst and my vote to Ted Cruz.



Malware – A Bane To My Computers

Just got finished purging out Live Security Platinum on my laptop and what a pain that was.  It blew through McAfee Total Protection like it was not there and locked the laptop up tighter than a cork in a champagne bottle.  Thank goodness for Malwarebytes and their blog.  I found the instructions on how to remove Live Security that were easy to follow.  Everything just took time, especially the Malwarebytes scan.

The people that create and spread malware like this should be punished somehow.  It would be poetic justice if the public could find their servers and plug in viruses, trojans, malware on them every day and let those people go through the same frustration that the public experiences every time a new virus, trojan, or malware is found.

Enough said, now I need to get caught up on the news and see what there is out there to post about.



Welcome to Redhedviews


I would like to welcome anybody and everbody to Redhedviews.  This blog is probably not going to get a lot of activity if any, but it will help me personally in voicing my opinions and views on todays’ issues and news.

I will be learning about blogging as I go, so if you are reading this blog, please be patient and provide me with feedback and comments to improve my blog and writing.